Posted April 25, 2018 05:29:48Australia is a tourism powerhouse, with more than $1.5 trillion in economic impact, with about 1,400,000 people travelling to its shores annually, and more than half of them visiting for work.

A new survey by the Australian Tourism Council (ATA) has revealed the popularity of Australia’s five tourist hotspots, as well as the quality of tourism experiences and how they differ from other destinations.

“Australia has become the best destination for Australian travellers to experience and experience a sense of community and connection with locals,” a spokeswoman for the Tourism Council of Australia said in a statement.

“This has made it an attractive place for tourists to go to for cultural and recreational reasons.”

We have seen that this growth has not been without its challenges and challenges of being culturally and socially diverse, and with the impact of climate change on tourism and tourism accommodation.

“The report, The New Australian Adventures, also revealed the top five tourist destinations for the year, based on the number of people who visited each one.”

There are also five major regional and local tourism centres with over 50,000 daily visitors, and three more regions in the north-east and South West,” it said.”

Tourism in Australia is a diverse and growing industry that offers Australians a chance to travel the world in an easy, safe and environmentally responsible way.

“Our data shows that in the last four years, there has been an increasing demand for the accommodation, transport and tourism sectors, and our survey shows that Australia’s regions and the tourism sector are performing strongly in all these areas.”

A key indicator of a tourist destination is the number who had been there in the past month, the survey found.

The report also found that Australians spend more time and money travelling overseas than anywhere else, with some 40 per cent of the population choosing to travel abroad on holiday or a business trip in 2017.

“These numbers suggest that Australians are not just spending money, they are spending their money overseas as well,” the spokeswoman said.

“Australians have the opportunity to travel around the world on an economic, cultural and social basis and it is a real way of life.”

The most popular tourism destinations in Australia are listed below:Australia has more than 3.8 million holidaymakers, more than 60 per cent are over the age of 60, and half of Australians say they would prefer to spend more money in Australia.

Australia is home to a number of tourist hotspot destinations, including Sydney, Hobart and Melbourne, with Brisbane, Adelaide and the Gold Coast being popular.

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