Travelers in Italy and Croatia will have a lot to be excited about this spring.

While spring weather may be a bit of a challenge, this year’s snow storms in Croatia and Slovenia will be a blast.

Travelers should expect a mix of light rain and heavy snowfall, and some travel agencies are calling for travelers to plan ahead for the worst.

If you’re not sure which areas to plan to visit, here are some recommendations: 1.

Slovenia 2.

Croatia 3.

Italy 1.

Italy’s best places to visit include the cities of Siena and Varna, along with several towns along the Black Sea coast, and the beautiful Adriatic coast.


Slovenia 3.

Croatia Croatia’s second-largest city, Zagreb, has a good variety of sights and attractions, from beautiful parks to shopping malls and a variety of restaurants.


Slovenia 4.

Croatia The Croatian capital, Zajac, is the country’s best-known city, and it’s also home to one of the best restaurants in Europe.


Croatia 5.

Italy The Italian capital, Milan, is a lively city with many historic sights and a host of art museums and art galleries.


Italy 6.

Croatia Venice is the most popular city in Europe for locals, with a variety a beautiful, international architecture.


Slovenia 7.

Croatia This coastal town is located just north of Slovenia and is home to the world-famous Venice Biennale.


Slovenia 8.

Croatia A popular destination for tourists in Croatia is Krasnodar.

There are many beautiful spots to explore along the Sea of Marmara, including the famous Dalmatian lagoon and the Black Forest.


Slovenia 9.

Croatia With the world’s largest ski resort, Mount Vltava, and a vibrant culture, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.


Slovenia 10.

Croatia Slovenia has a unique climate and it also has a vibrant nightlife.


Slovenia 11.

Croatia Krasnoarmeisko is a charming town with an impressive ski resort and several beautiful parks.


Slovenia 12.

Croatia Located in the heart of the Slovenian Black Sea, it’s home to a vibrant arts scene.


Slovenia 13.

Croatia Beaches, water sports and beaches are some of the most beautiful parts of the island nation.


Slovenia 14.

Croatia If you love the outdoors and are not in Europe, Slovenia may be the best place to go. 15.

Slovenia 15.

Croatia Sestrivi is a popular tourist destination with a vibrant cityscape, museums and the famous Slovenian waterfall.


Slovenia 16.

Croatia It is the gateway to Slovenia’s beautiful Black Sea coastal region, and you can even visit the country with your family and friends.


Slovenia 17.

Croatia Many other attractions to explore in Slovenia include the city of Krasni, a UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as many museums and historic buildings.


Slovenia 18.

Croatia One of Slovenia’s most popular tourist attractions is the Slovenes Sestiša, a stunning riverfront park and park.


Slovenia 19.

Croatia In Croatia, the town of Novi Sad is home the famous Stroma Sava River, and other popular attractions include the Kuznetso Castle and the Bazaar of the Dead.


Slovenia 20.

Croatia Tourists are also welcome to visit the historic town of Sarajevo, and there are numerous museums and museums around the town.


Slovenia 21.

Croatia Travelers can also enjoy a great time at the famous Krakow Cathedral, where you can watch the sun rise and set over the city.


Slovenia 22.

Croatia You can take advantage of the vibrant city of Brest, located at the confluence of the Black and Blue Rivers, for outdoor fun.


Slovenia 23.

Croatia Explore the famous Sarajeva Cathedral, which is located right outside of Bremen.


Slovenia 24.

Croatia Some of Slovenia the most famous tourist attractions include Brescia’s St. Peter’s Basilica, the cathedral of the Croatian Orthodox Church, and St. Catherine’s Cathedral.


Slovenia 25.

Croatia Brest is home in the north of the country to a variety in tourist attractions including the cathedral, the famous Brest Wine Festival, and many other tourist attractions.


Slovenia 26.

Croatia Enjoy a day at the Brest Zoo and aquarium in the city center.


Slovenia 27.

Croatia Visitors can take a day trip to the UNESCO World World Heritage Site of the Sarajej, which includes a stunning waterfall and a UNESCO world heritage site.


Slovenia 28.

Croatia Learn about the culture and history of Sarajaevo in a guided tour through the city and its historic district.


Slovenia 29.

Croatia During the summer months, Sarajea and Brest are popular places for visiting

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