By JAY CRUMBERGAssociated PressAUSTIN (AP) It’s a weekend filled with memories and celebrations for the people who spend their lives there.

But the people are coming from a different city.

More than 30,000 people have flown in from around the world to watch the games, including thousands of athletes and their families.

They’re traveling to the city of Las Vegas, a city that’s known as a hotbed of sexual tourism, where there’s a reputation for hosting high-profile sex parties.

“We’re looking for a new frontier, to find a place that’s totally different, totally new,” said Chris Pizzolatto, CEO of the city’s tourism marketing firm, The Pizzo Group.

“It’s not just the Olympics; it’s everything that comes out of Vegas.”

A lot of this travel has come from Asia, and it’s part of a new wave of sexual tourist activity sweeping the globe.

Some say it’s about escaping sexual taboos, while others say it just highlights the differences between men and women.

But for some, the attraction is more about the culture.

“For a lot of people, this is the first time they’ve been out in the country and it was so different, it’s like they’re discovering a completely different way of living, or experiencing a completely new way of thinking about sex,” said Mary Koehler, a New York-based sex educator.

The biggest problem for some is the amount of people who will make the trip, especially when it’s not free.

The Pizos said they’re not sure how many are staying overnight in hotels and motels in Las Vegas.

There’s also the cost.

A couple of weeks ago, the Pizo Group was planning to fly an extra $300,000 worth of tickets, which was supposed to go toward security.

That money was refunded the next day.

That was the second-biggest expense, and not the only one.

Last year, the company had to cancel about two dozen flights because of an unanticipated surge in demand.

Some hoteliers say they’re already seeing people come from outside the country to visit.

“I’m seeing people from China, from India, from France, from Germany,” said the hotelier, who requested anonymity because he’s not authorized to speak to the media.

He said the tourists are mostly from Asia and North America, though he’s seeing more from Europe, Australia and South America.

“I’m definitely seeing people who are coming out of Asia and South and Southeast Asia.

They are coming in to stay for the weekend,” he said.

Some hotels say they’ve already had problems with cancellations.

The hotel in Austin, Texas, which has had its share of trouble with people trying to come in from other cities, has had to shut down its entire reservation system.

That includes the ones with guests who are staying longer than expected.

“When the first two nights were canceled, there was a whole lot of pressure on us,” said Rob Goguen, the hotel’s manager.

“The more people we had booked, the more they canceled.

And it’s very difficult to do it.”

Goguet said the Pizzos have already seen some cancellations, but the problem is not limited to the Olympics.

It’s happened during other major events in recent years, such as the Super Bowl, the Oscars and the Superbowl itself.

“You could be there for the Superdome, the Supercombo, the World Series, you could be in Vegas, you’d have a bad day,” Gogen said.

“We have to deal with it.

But it’s a business.”

For now, Pizzó’s hotel is just one of many hotels offering “Las Vegas Nights” in which people can stay for free, although the Pizzle Group has had some success with other events.

It offers events like the Vegas Marathon, which is free and includes all the other events, but costs a little more.

Other hotels, such the Holiday Inn in San Francisco and the Holiday Suites in Chicago, offer free stays for a limited time.

Those hotels, too, are struggling to cope with the surge of visitors, some of whom come from out of town, and the need to accommodate them.

A new trend for some hotels is the “sex tourism” business, which uses the sexual tourism aspect of the Olympics to draw people in.

For example, many hotels have sex-only bars or parties, which are free and open to the public.

“The Olympics are a unique opportunity to be an entertainer, a sexual ambassador,” said Michael Siegel, a vice president of marketing at Marriott International, which owns The Pizzle.

“To be able to put together a sexual-friendly experience is really an opportunity for us to reach people who aren’t familiar with us, and we’re really pleased that our guests are embracing this opportunity.”

For others, the Olympic

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