Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in Mexico, but the government is struggling to keep up with the demand and is not able to afford the cost of flights, hotels and other services.

More than $1 billion was spent on tourism last year, but according to data from the Mexican Tourism Department (CTD), the country only has $1.7 billion in travel revenues.

The country is also not a member of the World Tourism Organization, meaning the cost is largely covered by private companies.

Travel agencies are worried about losing business if the economy slows down, and they have been pushing for the government to boost tourism revenue.

In an attempt to stem the flow of people and money to the country, the government has introduced the so-called “Tourism Reserves Act,” or TRA.

The law aims to increase the country’s revenue by more than 50 percent in the next three years.

However, critics say that it is not enough to bring more tourists to Mexico.

In March, President Enrique Pena Nieto signed a law that allowed companies to impose tariffs on all imported goods.

The government has also announced plans to impose a ban on Mexican cars imported from China.

Many say the new law does not go far enough and that Pena the President has already failed to enact his plans to boost economic growth.

Mexico’s tourism industry is estimated to be worth $40 billion.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in tourist arrivals to Mexico, as the country was still struggling with a recession.

The country’s tourism sector has already expanded by almost 10 percent compared to 2015, according to the Mexican Association of Tourism Companies (ATTC).

The TRA is also set to help boost the country in the fight against corruption.

The TRA is a mechanism under which companies that are in the tourism business will be exempt from taxes and other regulations in Mexico.

But critics say the TRA is only a mechanism that can be abused and will not be used effectively to boost the economy.

“I don’t see any benefits from the TRA, nor does anyone else,” said Carlos Gonzalez, the CEO of the International Association of Travel Agents.

“We are already seeing negative impacts on our business,” Gonzalez added.

Some critics say Pena is only trying to use the TRA to bolster his political standing by highlighting the importance of tourism.

But the TRA has also attracted criticism from industry experts, who say it is a huge waste of tax dollars.

The TRA will not boost tourism growth in the long term because it will just increase the amount of money spent by Mexican companies on other things, such as hotels and restaurants, according Miguel Gómez, the director of the Mexican Chamber of Commerce.

He added that the TRA will also make the country more isolated from the rest of the world.

“The TRA has created a false impression of Mexico as a tourist destination and a tourism destination,” Gómeso said.

While Pena has promised to increase tourism revenues by 50 percent, he said it would be enough to help bring in enough tourists to maintain Mexico’s economy.

However, critics have warned that if tourism is not brought back to Mexico in the coming years, Pena will not have any chance of retaining his majority in the legislature.

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