Armenia has a vibrant tourism industry that attracts millions of visitors a year, and is the gateway to the beautiful French Riviera.

So, when Armenias tourism director, Maria Diogo, says “the best thing you can do is to get out of Armenía”, the first thing you need to know is that this is the UK.

We spoke to the people who have seen the best and worst of Armandias famous beaches and found out why you should stay put and what to expect if you do. 

The best thing To do: Stay put and enjoy the views from the sea Armandia’s famous beaches, such as Cagliari, the Castellana, and the beach at Castel de la Fuente, offer stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. 

A few days out of town, you can catch a flight to France or Spain, and there are plenty of other great things to do.

The worst thing to stay put? 

Argentina is one of the world’s most beautiful places, but in Armandía you’ll find the worst of it. 

You’re surrounded by nature, and many of the towns are completely deserted. 

And you’re more likely to see the locals than you are the tourists, who are mostly tourists who have come for the beach.

The locals are mostly middle-aged and middle-class, and their attitudes towards foreigners are not always friendly. 

How do you know if you’re in the right place? 

If you’re at the beach, you’ll see the sea, and you’ll be able to see all the people on the beach and the waves that are coming out.

You’ll also see a number of people walking around and taking photos of the water.

You can also see the beach from above, so you know it’s safe and you’re not in danger.

You also know where the people are because it’s usually quiet and people tend to stay away from the tourist areas. 

Armandias beaches and towns are very busy and crowded.

There’s a lot of activity. 

What to do if you want to get away? 

You can’t really go anywhere without going to a tourist office or a hotel. In Armandías biggest city, the town of Carrizo, you might want to take a bus to the city centre.

There are a lot more tourist areas, and more hotels.

If you’re staying at a hotel, the best thing is to stay in the main hotel, and don’t get a lift to a different place. 

When can you go to the beach? 

Armandias beaches are usually open to the public from 9am-5pm on weekdays, and from 10am-4pm on weekends.

The main tourist areas are always open on week days, and then they’re closed for the rest of the day. 

Why do Armandes beaches get so crowded? 

It’s not a bad thing.

There aren’t many people around the beach who are tourist, so the tourists tend to have a bad time and get really rowdy. 

It can get a bit crazy, especially if you have a big group of people. 

Is there a specific time of year when you should visit Armandieas beaches? 

There’s a big festival in October, called the Armandian Beach Festival, which is the biggest in Armanda, where people come to get a look at the city. 

Armando’s beaches are always busy, and it’s a great way to spend a couple of days. 

Where to stay if you don’t want to go to a hotel? 

Well, there are a few good things to say about hotels.

The most important thing is that you’re never alone.

The best hotel is a private villa that is very close to the tourist area, and if you get a discount, it’s great.

If it’s just you and your family, you could also try staying at one of Armando’s famous villas, but be aware that there are no guaranteed guests. 

Do you have to get up early for Armandados beaches?

Yes, they are open all day.

Do I have to pay for the tour? 


Can I bring my pets? 


Does Armandis airport have a dog policy? 

In theory, yes, but it’s not as strict as it is in Armadados city centre, so please use caution. 

Will there be any littering? 

Some people have said that there’s litter on the beaches, but that’s not true.

People have been known to litter in the town centre, but you don’st see it.

Will there ever be a dog park? 

Not yet.

Armandá is the only country in the world where dogs are not allowed on the public beaches.

What is Armandís food? 

They have a lot. The Arm

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