The first wave of England’s Euro 2020 campaign will begin on Sunday and the first big wave of the summer will begin in the United Kingdom on Sunday morning.

The games kick off in Manchester with England facing Slovakia at 4pm on Sunday, followed by Germany against France at 7pm and the Netherlands at 10.30pm.

The first wave will last just over two weeks but there are some key things to remember for the England team and fans.

The key to avoiding injury during this wave will be to stay in good physical shape.

“It’s very important for the players to be in good shape and be able to play.

They can get into a bit of trouble if they’re not able to do that,” said England coach Roy Hodgson.

The team will be in full-contact on the pitch for the first few weeks but Hodgson says it is important that they remain fit.

“You can’t just do that one day and say: ‘Okay, here’s the plan for next week,'” he said.

“We have to take that into account.”

It is crucial for the squad to remain in good condition.

“For us, the training sessions will be very intense, which is probably a good thing,” he added.

“Obviously there’s some training we have to do but there’s also a lot of preparation.

It’s not as simple as just training for a week or two.”

England are in good health and will have to be todays fitness level.

England are playing their first two games in the new Premier League era, with a win over Newcastle and a draw against Aston Villa.

They have been at Wembley for three games and won their first away game there, against Swansea.

“This was a really tough game,” Hodgson said.

“The way we won the game against Swansea was probably the most important game in terms of getting the players fit.”

England’s other games at Wembley will be against Tottenham Hotspur at 3pm on Wednesday and Arsenal at 3.45pm on Saturday.

The England players are in a good place but Hodgon believes the players will be at their best when the games come to England.

“The games are good because it gives you a chance to do some good work,” he said of the Wembley fixtures.

“When we’re in good form, we can play against any team at any time and play really well.

We’ll be in a very good position.”

England travel to Russia on Friday and have a week off before their next match.

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