NEW ORLEANS — It was a bright, sunny day in the Mojave Desert, but the sky was dark and the desert itself was dark.

For many Mexicans, the sight of tourists at the border crossing was an event that brought them joy and comfort, and even brought them to tears.

But for others, it was a symbol of a darker reality.

The number of illegal immigrants and drug smugglers living and working in the United States illegally has skyrocketed in recent years.

Thousands of them are entering the United State illegally, and some have become wealthy by illegally entering the country.

The surge has created a new strain of poverty, anger and frustration in Mexico, where the U.S. government estimates more than 40,000 people are living in poverty and nearly a quarter of them live below the poverty line.

On one end of the border, Mexico’s tourism industry thrived in the harsh desert.

In the past decade, Mexico has become a popular destination for visitors to the United Sates, including New Orleans, Miami, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

But this year, Mexico began to experience a significant downturn, with some border communities facing a spike in illegal activity.

At least 10,000 tourists are expected to visit Mexico in the first quarter of 2018, with the number expected to double to at least 50,000 by the end of 2019.

Many of the tourists arriving in the U., including many from Latin America, come to the U.-Mexico border with a desire to see the country and enjoy its culture.

But many of them also come in search of jobs.

Tourism is one of the biggest sources of economic growth in Mexico.

In some areas, tourism is now the primary means of income for many families.

In one town in the southwestern state of Oaxaca, for example, a group of teenagers from Mexico’s coastal city of Monterrey are planning to go to work as teachers and to earn a living by selling souvenirs and food in the tourist district.

One of them, 21-year-old Antonio, is a student at the University of Oceania, and he is working to pay off the student loan he took out to pay for a ticket to see Mexico and his native country.

He is not alone.

The numbers of illegal migrants and drug traffickers have been increasing in recent months, with more than 1,000 migrants killed and more than 30,000 arrested in the past two years alone, according to Mexico’s national police.

But Mexico has struggled to deal with the influx of tourists and visitors, even as the economy of the country has grown.

Last month, Mexico announced plans to increase the minimum wage by a further 5 percent and expand the education sector.

It also has a plan to raise the minimum age for driving to 18, a move that would allow more Mexicans to earn the right to drive.

And on Monday, Mexico said it would set up an office to work with tourists in the tourism sector.

While the economic downturn has hit tourism, many in Mexico believe that the influx is a sign that the country is heading in the right direction.

Some in Mexico say it is time to get serious about trying to solve the migration problem.

The problem is that the solution is the same one that was introduced 20 years ago, says Francisco Vargas, a professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

We need to have a conversation, he said.

There are certain countries in the world that have had the problem of the overstaying of visas, and that is exactly what we need to do, Vargas said.

He said the solution for Mexico is to improve the border infrastructure, especially the highway that connects the U-Mexico border to Ciudad Juarez, which borders Tijuana.

He also said Mexico needs to work more with its Latin American partners to help secure the U – Mexico border, and said that there is a need for a plan for the migration.

The U.N. says more than 700,000 illegal migrants have crossed the U .

S. border into Mexico.

Many are coming through a “jungle,” a U.K.-run camp where migrants sleep on the ground, with few or no blankets, water or food.

In many cases, they sleep in tents with no toilet facilities, according

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