Savannah, Georgia, USA—There’s been a lot of talk recently about the Savannah tourism industry and how it’s being hurt by the recent economic downturn.

This is a very good time to talk about how much the tourism industry can support the local economy. 

According to a recent survey from Tourism Atlanta, the Savannah Tourism Association, or TTA, has a market value of approximately $1.4 billion, making it one of the largest in the United States. 

That means that a Savannah tourist would spend $11.20 on a single day in Savannah, which is more than the average American family spends on a day out in the country. 

TTA is also the largest trade association in the state of Georgia, representing nearly 2,000 companies. 

When it comes to attracting visitors to the Savannah area, TTA has a number of ways to do so.

It can help by offering discounted packages to visitors and offering travel assistance and accommodations.

It also has a tourism advertising campaign and an online sales site.

The latter, TSA’s Travel Marketing Manager, Kevin Jones, says that while the online sales side of the business is growing, the marketing side has been slower than anticipated. 

“We’ve had some delays in our advertising campaigns and in the sales site as we were working through the campaign,” he says. 

For now, Jones is optimistic about the industry’s future.

“I think it’s a great time to be in the Savannah region,” he said.

“Savannah is an amazing tourist destination and I think people will continue to want to come here.

People will want to stay here and we’ll continue to expand our business and expand our tourism offerings.” 

So, what exactly is a Savannah hotel worth? 

According a TTA brochure for the Savannah Airport, the median value of a hotel in the metro area is $2,300. 

However, some of the best value hotels for travelers can be found in nearby Augusta and surrounding areas. 

At least one of those cities is in the process of planning a hotel and is offering discounted rates. 

Atlanta’s Marriott Marquis hotel has a hotel value of $2.4 million, and the same goes for Hilton Atlanta and Hilton St. James in Atlanta. 

So while a Savannah trip to Augusta may cost you more than what you might expect, the city is a must-visit if you are visiting Georgia.

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