“Spain is a country of a million people,” the Spanish ambassador to Israel said.

And the Spanish tourism industry, like many other sectors of the economy, has seen its fortunes erode.

Spanish officials are hoping the economic turmoil will help the country return to the “normal” after a long period of relative calm.

But the crisis has raised questions about how much Spanish tourism is worth.

Spain has the highest number of visas issued in the world, with more than 6 million.

The visa process is relatively straightforward, and applicants must provide proof of their employment, travel and living arrangements.

The process typically takes less than three days.

But it’s the shortage of visas that has caused some worry.

The country is facing a $1.5 billion shortfall in its visa quota.

Some visa holders are waiting weeks for their visas to be approved.

In addition, some airlines are refusing to allow the issuance of visas to those from other European countries, which are affected by the crisis.

A temporary ban was put in place last week after several airlines refused to accept the number of passengers who had applied for visas in Spain, according to Spanish news agency EFE.

In the last month alone, the number from the United Kingdom, which is the biggest European economy, was down by more than 5,000 people.

Many European airlines, including British Airways, have also suspended flights to Spain.

There is concern about the future of tourist arrivals to Spain after it banned the issuance or renewal of visas.

A spokesperson for Spain’s tourism authority said that “a large number of visitors and expatriates are staying longer and have lower expectations for tourism.”

The Spanish embassy in Tel Aviv says that many European tourists, especially those from countries affected by Brexit, are coming to the country looking for jobs.

But they may have been overstaying their welcome.

The crisis has also prompted concern about safety.

On March 12, a group of anti-Israel activists clashed with the Israeli police in Tel-Aviv, Israel, after a group gathered outside the Embassy to protest against Israeli policies towards Palestinians.

The protesters chanted “Death to Israel,” and Israeli police fired tear gas to disperse them.

The protest was sparked by an anti-Palestinian protest by Israelis in the United States in February that resulted in several arrests and a dozen injuries.

According to the Israeli government, a total of 22 Palestinians were injured, five of them seriously.

According a March 12 statement from the Israeli Embassy in London, the Israeli authorities have been working to find a solution to the crisis and are working to “create a secure environment” for foreign visitors.

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