It was a big weekend, but not in the way most people expected.

There were fewer visitors than usual.

The crowds were lower than the usual.

There was no big fireworks show.

And no major snowfall.

It was just a nice day.

“There was no major traffic problems in the area, but we were concerned because of the cold,” said Matt Kucharski, a Pennsylvania tourism official.

“The biggest concern was for the public to see that there were still people out there in Pennsylvania.”

The storm that hit Philadelphia on Wednesday was the strongest in nearly a decade, with winds of more than 200 miles per hour, and heavy rain.

The city of 4.5 million is still recovering from an outbreak of coronavirus.

And there’s been some concern about the state’s health system.

“If it’s not a serious problem, it’s probably a good thing that we’re still out here,” Kuchar said.

A lot of people have been getting ready for a busy holiday weekend.

People from across the state are going back to work, taking advantage of their vacations, Kuchard said.

The weather forecast has the chance of changing before Christmas.

And that’s going to affect the way people are traveling in the next few days.

“That’s not good for our tourism industry, for our economy, and it’s going too far,” Kukur said.

Some of the best sights to visit in the city were on Route 7 and Pennsylvania Avenue.

Some parts of the city are starting to reopen, including parts of Pennsylania and Erie.

The storm also forced people to take a break.

“We had to do a little bit of a retreat, and we did a lot of work out in the woods,” Kucher said.

“I think people will be out there again and they’ll be a little less stressed.”

The Pennsylvania Tourism Office said in a statement that it was “committed to keeping people safe and keeping our businesses and services running as usual.”

The office is planning a “safe holiday” for Pennsylvanians through Sunday.

Kuchart said that was also planned for Friday and Saturday.

The state has received about $100 million in funding from the federal government to help the region recover from the outbreak.

It is also providing a $1.3 billion gift for public schools.

Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection is working to restore water and power to its customers.

But the state is also stepping up its efforts to get people back to their work and to visit places they love.

“It is an opportunity for our people to come home and do things they have never done before, which is just to come back and enjoy our beautiful state and its natural beauty,” Kaufman said.

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