How to visit the new Thailand tourism district in Cleveland

Cleveland is the new Vegas.In the wake of the devastation of Superstorm Sandy, it is now the new Disneyland.For Cleveland’s tourists, however, the new district has its own charms.For one thing, the area around the Ohio River is once again a playground, with the city’s largest indoor water park now open.It’s also a good place […]

How to use Airbnb to book hotels, villas, car rental, and vacation in Thailand

Travel and tourism industry, Tourism Industry Authority, Thailand, Thailand Tourism Association, Tourism and tourism association,travel,travel industry,touring,tours industry,international tourism,international travel,travel tourism, tuesday tourism, tourism industry source Independent title How do you book a hotel in Thailand?article Booking a hotel is very different from booking a rental.You must use a website and make arrangements to get the […]

Why ‘Balkan Spring’ is in the Philippines, too, but with fewer tourist sites

Bali, the Philippines is still home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world.The country’s national park, Bali National Park, is the largest in the country and the world’s third-largest after Hawaii and the United States.But its beaches, with their stunning sand dunes and stunning beaches of turquoise water, have been disappearing.The world’s […]

‘Pioneer’ travel company set to open its first Indian-language site

A company that is trying to open a website for visitors from India has set up a “community of travel experts” to help them navigate their way around the country.The company, which calls itself MyRtle Beach Tourism, aims to help tourists from the country find “an authentic, comfortable and fun travel experience”.“MyRtle is a non-profit […]

Paris, Tahiti and the Future of Tourism

In the early 20th century, the French capital was a bustling metropolis, known as Paris on the map.Today, Paris is a city of the future.In a city that is already the center of world trade, tourism is booming, and it’s becoming the second-largest source of income in the world, after the United States.In 2020, the […]

Tourist in Indonesia’s Aceh province: We are ‘so proud’ to have survived storm

We are so proud to have been in Indonesia during the devastating Typhoon Haiyan.We are in Aceh, a beautiful part of Indonesia.But the storm was no joke.It was a disaster.The storm was one of the worst ever to hit Indonesia.Our evacuation plans were cancelled.We were living in tents.I was in my tent, with the windows […]

How to book a trip to Australia and New Zealand in a day

The internet has become an almost omnipresent portal for people looking to visit other countries.For those who do not know the difference between an itinerary and a booking, a simple search for ‘tourist booking’ will lead you to websites that allow you to book travel packages or itineraries for specific dates and times.This has become […]

Why Bali tourism is on the rise in Indonesia

Bali travel is booming in Indonesia.Tourism officials are reporting a record number of arrivals from the Middle East and Africa in 2017, while Bali resorts are increasingly popular with families and young adults.The country is on track to have the largest number of foreigners to visit in the world this year.It has more than 4 […]

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