When Mexico’s tourist industry thrives in the desert, the country’s economy is booming

NEW ORLEANS — It was a bright, sunny day in the Mojave Desert, but the sky was dark and the desert itself was dark.For many Mexicans, the sight of tourists at the border crossing was an event that brought them joy and comfort, and even brought them to tears.But for others, it was a symbol […]

Tourism industry in Faroe Islands could hit a wall if Ebola virus is not contained

Faroe islands have become the latest tourist destination to see a spike in travel after a deadly virus spread through the islands last week. The Faroe Isles Tourism Association (FITA) said the number of tourists visiting the islands in recent days has surpassed the previous record set last year. “The Faroese economy has grown more than 100% […]

How to Become a Traveler in Florida

You can expect to spend $9,000 on your first day in Florida, according to a new study from the University of Florida.The cost is a bit higher if you plan to travel in advance, which makes it more likely that you’ll spend more than $100 on your trip.Here are the key takeaways from the study, […]

What is the Jordan tourism board?

Belize Tourism Board is a local agency that administers the tourism sector in Belize.It operates as a branch of the Belize Ministry of Tourism.The board’s mandate is to: Promote the health and well-being of Belizeans, including the tourism industry, in accordance with Belize’s law and regulations, with a view to promoting tourism in a way […]

Why Barbados’ tourism is booming

In a year when Barbados is being hit hard by the Ebola epidemic, the tourist industry has thrived, especially in the capital.But tourism is not the only sector in the country that is growing.Here’s what you need to know about tourism in Barbados.What are the main challenges?Barbados has seen a spike in the number of […]

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