Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia to expand joint tourism effort

Thailand and Vietnam will expand their joint tourism initiative, which was announced in October last year, to include Cambodia, according to a report in the Bangkok Post.Tourism Minister Chantay Thongchai has said that a joint tourism venture will begin in 2018 with the aim of opening the country’s third major tourist destination.Thongthai has also said […]

How to avoid being a tourist trap in Kerala

Kerala Tourism Minister K. Rajan on Wednesday issued a circular to the tourism management committee (TMC) of Kerala stating that “Visitors from abroad must be avoided” during the three months of May-September.Kerala Tourism Minister Rajan had issued the circular in a bid to protect tourists from being a “tourist trap” in Kerala.Tourism officials have told […]

Washington state’s sex tourism bill has passed the governor’s desk

State Sen. Matt Jones (R-Boulder) has the measure passed by a voice vote.Jones said in a statement Friday that his bill would allow people to travel to the state to engage in “sexual activity” and “sex tourism” in exchange for monetary compensation.“Sexual activity is defined as ‘the act of penetration of the vagina or anus, […]

How the Boston Marathon is going to make the World Cup in 2024

It’s going to be a race to the finish line, with many sports fans looking forward to seeing the race’s competitors in a world class field.The race, to be held in Boston on Sunday, will feature the best runners in the world competing against one another.It will be the biggest international sporting event of the […]

Australia: It’s hard to predict what tourists will do when the season ends

Australia is preparing for its annual peak holiday season in May, when more than 1.6 million tourists will flock to the nation.But while the tourism industry is in the middle of a period of great uncertainty, there are a number of reasons for Australians to be optimistic.Australia has the third-highest number of Australians aged 18-34 […]

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