How to choose the right hotel for you and your family

By Mark GailabedianThe U.S. government says it’s working with the country’s tourism industry to provide assistance to travelers, including those who have a limited or no credit card, and those who are experiencing delays or cancellations.The White House says that while travel can be expensive in the U.K., it is cheaper in the Kingdom, where […]

The next big thing for Utah tourism

Utah’s tourism industry has undergone a massive shake-up in the past few years.A handful of new hotels have been built and some of the biggest names in the industry have returned.Here are the top 10 hotels in the state that are currently booked.1.Las Vegas, NV (hotel industry leader) Las Vegas has always had a reputation […]

Travelers flee Louisiana for Arizona amid hurricane warnings

Visitors flocked to Louisiana’s tourist-heavy city of New Orleans for the first time in more than two years after Hurricane Katrina struck.The surge of visitors, some of whom had traveled to Louisiana several times, led to an unexpected flood.“It’s definitely been an adjustment,” said Laura Gossett, who flew to New Orleans from Dallas.“The water was […]

How to build a good business in Kazakhstan

The world is trying to make Kazakhstan a tourist destination.And it seems the Kazakh government is doing it very well.It is hosting the World Tourism Organization (WTO) World Tourism Week in February, and the country is already getting attention.Tourism and tourism promotion are two sides of the same coin in Kazakhstan.Tourism is the main focus […]

How to use the new map of China’s tourism industry

A new tourism map has been released by the country’s Ministry of Tourism, highlighting the number of tourists visiting the country each day.In the new data, Beijing and Shanghai have both overtaken Hong Kong and Macau as the world’s top tourist destinations.According to the data, there are now around 7.9 million Chinese tourists visiting Hong […]

Which cities are the most popular in Asia for people to visit?

The most popular destinations in Asia are in China, India, Japan, and the United States, according to a survey conducted by Travel & Leisure.While Hong Kong remains popular with tourists, the rest of the region’s cities have seen a drop in the number of people visiting them in recent years.In the survey, more than 60% […]

How to get to Scotia and back from the beaches

I’m a little bit obsessed with Scotias coastline, and the scotias beaches are just that… beautiful.And the best part?It’s completely free!Here are the best ways to get there.1.Head to the Scotian border crossing.This is a good one, if you can find it. 2.You can drive from the nearest airport to Scottish Town or Aberdeen.This may […]

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