How to book Croatia and Slovenia tour packages

Now that Croatia and Slovakia are officially open for business, here’s how to book your Croatian tour packages.Read more: Croatia will allow tourists to book in Croatia, but you have to be over 21 years old to book there.You’ll need a passport from your home country to get your Croatian visa.The best Croatian tour deals […]

How to find out if you’re in the market for a trip to Italy and other foreign countries

If you’re looking to book a trip in Europe, or even just explore a new country, you need to be aware that your travel agent is not always trustworthy.And some of the best travel agents you can choose from may not even be your actual hotel.Read on for a guide to some of our favorite […]

How Iowans are saving on travel costs as their state braces for record-breaking winter storm

Iowas tourism industry is struggling as the state braces itself for record snowfall and record-shattering temperatures.The weather is forecast to produce record snowfalls and severe weather, as well as high temperatures.In anticipation of a record winter, Iowan officials are urging citizens to take extra precautions, including limiting outdoor activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, riding in […]

How to avoid being a tourist trap in Kerala

Kerala Tourism Minister K. Rajan on Wednesday issued a circular to the tourism management committee (TMC) of Kerala stating that “Visitors from abroad must be avoided” during the three months of May-September.Kerala Tourism Minister Rajan had issued the circular in a bid to protect tourists from being a “tourist trap” in Kerala.Tourism officials have told […]

Why ‘Balkan Spring’ is in the Philippines, too, but with fewer tourist sites

Bali, the Philippines is still home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world.The country’s national park, Bali National Park, is the largest in the country and the world’s third-largest after Hawaii and the United States.But its beaches, with their stunning sand dunes and stunning beaches of turquoise water, have been disappearing.The world’s […]

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